At Momentous our mission is clear. Our ambitions are great. To help every body live a life without limits. So whether you train like a pro, or are driven by passion to do what you love, you can go harder. Recover quicker. Be your best.

  • Harnessing Innovation

    Through our understanding of problems within human performance and our relationships with the US Military, elite athletes and high performance organizations we are able to bring forward solutions that continue to push the boundaries of human performance.

  • World-Class Partners

    The world's top human performance experts surround our team including Andrew Huberman and Kelly Starrett. Together we are continually exploring problems within human performance and how to solve them through education and innovative solutions backed by data.

  • Beloved by the Best

    150+ professional sports teams and US Power Five conference collegiate teams are loyal customers and fans. Momentous products are the only ones created in collaboration with practioners from all four American pro leagues (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB).

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