PR Lotion FAQs, Answered by the Pros

PR Lotion FAQs, Answered by the Pros

PR Lotion is the world's first and only lotion that delivers the natural electrolyte bicarb to working muscles. With innovation comes questions. Below are short videos from a few of our most experienced athletes to help answer common questions around PR Lotion.

Does PR Lotion actually work?

Team Ineos Cyclist and professional triathlete Cam Wurf has been experimenting with drinking bicarb since he was in high school and he was skeptical at first that a lotion could deliver the benefits he relies on. Let's just say, he has strong opinions on the subject. Watch the video to get Cam's take on PR Lotion. (spoiler: "This stuff really works")

Is PR Lotion for races, training, or both?

According to professional triathletes Lucy Charles-Barclay and Reece Barclay, the answer is BOTH. Watch the video to learn more about how they use PR Lotion to make training gains through improved recovery and also to improve their threshold in competition.

Can I use PR Lotion in the gym?

Athletes often think PR Lotion is only meant to be used before endurance training, like running or cycling, but PR Lotion doesn't have a favorite sport. It works for any athlete that wants to level up their training routine and reach new goals. Invictus Fitness owner CJ Martin coaches some of the world's best functional fitness athletes in the world and gives us his two cents from a CrossFit coach's point of view.

When do I apply PR Lotion?

PR Lotion is a pre-workout product, and the best results are seen when it's integrated into your workout routine. Since everyone's routine looks different, go with what's most convenient for you. We think it's easiest to keep PR Lotion in your bathroom, apply to all the working muscles, pull on your shorts, tie your shoes, and greet your morning workout as your limitless self.

Is PR Lotion only for professional athletes?

We like to say that PR Lotion is "the pros secret weapon", but it's not just for the pros. PR Lotion is for anyone with muscles that work hard to help you level up. Jenn Ryan, athlete at Invictus Fitness and professional nutritionist, advises that PR Lotion is for any athlete that seeks to maximize their training.

Can I swim with PR Lotion?

We've said that PR Lotion is for any athlete and any activity, and we mean it- even swimming. Follow these steps when you'll be using PR Lotion before a swim workout.

1) Apply ~30 minutes before getting in the water to allow PR Lotion to fully absorb

2) Use PR Lotion before sunscreen

3) Slather it all over your arms and shoulder complex

Watch the video to learn more about how IRONMAN Kona Swim Course Record Holder Lucy Charles-Barclay uses PR Lotion to fend off "balloon arms" and stay at the front of the swim pack.


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